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Best Web Hosting For ECommerce

The Importance of having the best web hosting for ecommerce

If you want to create a website for your ecommerce business, you need it to be online all the time. The only way to do this is by choosing a decent web hosting service.

Having the best web hosting for ecommerce is also critical for many reasons: reliability, performance, stability, security, and brand reputation.

It’s crucial to know what to look for when selecting a web host for ecommerce. But before we see what are the best points we will address the drawbacks when selecting a weak (and typically cheap) web hosting provider.

Bad web hosting disadvantages:

Revenue loss and customer loss:
If you operate an ecommerce business on the  web you will lose potential customers if your site is slow or offline. If people find your website like this they will conclude that your business is unreliable, which is not the impression you want to give!

Negative SEO Ranking:
Typically, your goal with a website is to attract many people, so you want to be higher in the results of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If your website is not up when search engines attempt to visit, your ranking would be negatively affected. Slow websites harm your ranking with the search engines as well. People also don’t like it if they have to wait long to load their website.

Security Issues:
Websites are targeted regularly by people who want to steal information or user credentials. While a completely protected website is difficult to achieve, a secure and stable host is hard to attack, and your data is protected. You don’t want to risk getting hacked and losing your data or customer details.

Now that we have covered a few drawbacks of a bad host, let’s go to the next question, how to choose the best web host for your ecommerce business.

Selecting the best web hosting for ecommerce:

There are several types of hosting, such as Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Managed. You can read about these in another blog post from the sidebar, as it’s important to understand the differences.

Customer support:
Customer support is one of the most important considerations in choosing an excellent web host. You may have a good host, but if there is a problem, and they don’t answer, what can you do? Most providers provide assistance 24/7, but this does not say that you are going to receive an immediate response. Make sure that you do your homework here.

Uptime track record:
Check their uptime track record, as this is really critical. Although it would be difficult to get 100% uptime, if the host had 95% to 99%, it’s reliable. Along with that you should closey read their SLA (Service Level Agreement).

You need to consider the cost. Although many suppliers are cheap, they may not perform that well for your business. You get what you pay for a web hosting, and the provider that costs a little more is typically better.

Finally, you need to consider the ease of upgrading when you need to scale. If you get more and more traffic, you want your website to handle it smoothly, so the ability to scale quickly and easily is very important.

There are more aspects to doing a detailed evaluation, but these are some key points to look at when doing an initial scan to select the best web hosting for ecommerce.

If you need some expert help to guide you through the selection process, you can contact me anytime for a consultation.

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